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Movie Monday: Clueless

Movie Monday: Clueless

Clueless is one of my favorite movies of all time. The witty lines, amazing clothes, and memorable characters are what make this movie one that can be watched over and over again. Alicia Silverstone’s clothes are one part that I absolutely love about this movie. I dreamed about having that rotating closet growing up. All of her outfits are easily remembered because of the stylish way they were worn along with her hair that looked perfect in every scene. One of my favorite outfits is when she is dressed in a chic blazer, patterned skirt, and silver pumps. This is my recreation of it.


1. J. Crew Blythe Silk Blouse ~ $100
2. Target Blazer ~ $50
3. Sam Edelman Lorissa Pumps~ $249
4. River Island Skirt ~ $60

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