Bedroom Closet Cleanout


A little late, but better than never; For the new season, I am reorganizing my clothes; moving my long sleeve shirts and jeans a little off to the side so that shorts and t-shirts are within reach. With spring cleaning comes getting rid of things I won’t wear anymore from the last and upcoming season that are too old and I don’t want to take up any more space then I have to. When it comes to my clothes, I need to be able to see everything I have and not have them folded up in a dresser drawer otherwise I will forget that I have that item and it will never get worn. Probably the greatest thing about my bedroom is the closet. It’s abundance of shelves leaves me lots of room to have all of clothes stay visible, while still keeping things neat.

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Fresh In Green


Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Tommy Hilfiger Blouse, J. Crew Pants & Belt, Zara Heels, Rebecca Minkoff Bag

I don’t wear these pants as often as I would like to. While I love wearing lots of bright colors, sometimes a pair of brightly colored pants are a bit intimidating as I feel I will stick out like a sore thumb. However, that is the time to tone down the rest of the look so that the whole ensemble isn’t too noticeable and the brightly colored pants stand out on their own. So a classic white oxford with natural colored shoes and bag go perfectly with a lovely pair of green pants that make for a lovely weekend look.006 004 002 003 005 008


My favorite color of the season would have to be orchid. It’s such a sweet color that is so feminine and girly. Not to mention that I am reminded of beautiful flowers and wonderful spring weather when I see this color. Here are a few of my favorite pieces in this lovely color.

1. Lord and Taylor Alex Evenings Paisley Jacket ~ $129
2. Essie Polish ~ $8.50
3. Ralph Lauren Cashmere Sweater ~ $225
4. Madewell Sketchplaid String Bikini ~ $60
5. Nordstrom Cashmere Blend Eyelash Wrap ~ $98
6. Aerie For Aeo Eyelet Bralette ~ $15
7. Elya Radiant Orchid Goldplated Bangle Bracelet ~ $29
8. Cambridge Satchel Company Leather Satchel ~ $152
9. Lutz Huelle Heeled Sandal ~ $554

Orzo with Shrimp and Vegetables

007 I love the warmer weather where we can eat outside and I also enjoy preparing lighter meals during this time. I did a version of this recipe by throwing some of my favorite vegetables in with orzo vegetables and shrimp. I like its simplicity in how easy it is to make as well as a very satisfying meal to end the day.